About us. 

Welcome to our website. You are here because you are curious about our adventures or you will soon make an unforgettable journey yourself. We are Rick and Malou. We love to travel. We've seen a lot of the world. We explored a lot of places, did road trips and more. Where most people turn right, we turn to the left. We're adventures and during a journey we want to see as much as possible! We'd like to tell about our journeys. 
The trips we have made are all unique and beautiful. We both are so enthusiastic about the beautiful things that we have seen so far in the world that we would like to share them with you. You might like to read where we have all been and what we have experienced. Perhaps you will soon make a wonderful trip.  Here you can find the hotspots on our trips. We will tell you our stories and tell you the things you can't miss at the places we've been.

What we can say for sure is that you can hardly ignore our tips, because you really don't want to miss them! We are happy to take you on our travels through blogs and videos. ENJOY!